PANEL: Social Engineering

I recently had the honor and pleasure of sitting on a panel beside some of the most expert talent in the industry to discuss another polarizing topic: Social Engineering.

Prepare to Meet Fraud

What you may not understand about Cyber Insurance, even if you already have some, can cost you more than risking not having any at all. There is a shift underway that impacts business + reputation when cyber incidents take place, beyond even GDPR. Please make time to read this.

Let’s Talk About Penetration Testing.

Heaps of gratitude to Dawid Balut, Mattia Campagnano, Kimber Dowsett, Chris Roberts + Georgia Weidman for sharing their well-grounded thoughts on an often polarizing topic.

The GDPR is Coming

The General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect on May 25 this year, introducing the biggest change to data protection law in Europe in more than 20 years. What does it mean for businesses in the U.S.?

Resilience Diagnostic

The Resilience Diagnostic defines, prioritizes, and quickly identifies practical, concrete steps to eliminate preventable risks across your organization. We require only 40-50 hours to achieve this, depending on the complexity of your organization.

Trust vs. Control – Building Awareness vs. Limiting It.

Threats don’t have to come in through firewalls, anymore. There are multiple vectors for entry, most of them people-oriented more than technology. Mobile devices are bringing threats into the environment and exfiltrating private information out. Therefore, a well informed populace is still the best defense against tyranny, be it bad politics, shady business or malware-loaded phishing attempts to steal your identity.

to the future of resiliency strategy!

Resiliency or Business Continuity Strategy practices are changing because, like the leaders and businesses they serve, they need to keep pace with the changing on and offline culture of doing business in and across the world. Having insurance to protect us from the initial impact of an outage is important but how do we get our business back online in the event something happens that impacts it? In the midst of an unexpected outage, what steps need to be taken to make sure clients have access to the services your business provides?