SMB + Startup CyberSecurity

Peerlyst have put together a global panel, featuring experts from Europe, Canada + the US to discuss Cyber Security for startups + Small or Medium-sized Business (SMB).

Our panelists included Dawid Bałut‍, Rob Chaykoski‍, Claus Cramon Houmann‍, Matt Kelley‍ + Russell Mosley‍.

Special thanks to Evgeny Belenky‍ + his team, too, for helping get our final edit posted + ready to share.

The panel was moderated by yours truly, Chad Calease‍.

Some of the things we discuss include ways to define what a startup or #SMB is (they have a lot in common), the role of compliance‍ as a tool‍ to achieve many important things that protect organizations, including the importance of building awareness in our respective culture‍, defining cybersecurity‍ budgets + helping business leaders understand the value of cyberresilience‍ + risk assessment‍.

Panelists shared their perspectives on how current + potential future legislation may impact the SMB in both positive + negative ways, along with how cyberinsurance‍ plays a role in shaping that.

We also talk about how building an effective culture of cybersecurity is less about the technology‍ or tools‍ + more about having a team‍ of people committed to learning + helping elevate others’ overall awareness of the importance of making thoughtful + intentional decisions on behalf of the best interests of the organization, and more.

As you might imagine, this is a huge topic to try to tackle in a single hour, so we are planning a second panel in February.

Please have a listen + post comments. Your opinions + contributions are no small thing + we rely on them.

Meanwhile, thank you for listening + stay tuned for an update on Part 2.

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